Comparing Email, Phone and Live Chat Support

There are three main ways to provide customer support for your business: email, live chat and phone support.

Each offers advantages, some of which depend on the type of business or service you provide. Here’s a look at these three forms of support and the advantages they each have to offer.

Email Support

Email support is by far the cheapest form of support available with no need for expensive equipment. It’s completely free for customers and may be the best solution for your business if you have global customers requiring customer support.

Email support does not need to be 24/7 and emails can be answered during business hours. It can also lead to less strain on your live chat or phone support systems, saving even more money. Email support is also a good way to provide written solutions to customer requests and may be transferred or reviewed quickly. Finally, it reduces the need for native speakers as there is no issue with accents.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is quickly gaining popularity and many call center companies are providing this valuable service for businesses of all sizes. Many customers prefer live chat support, which is also very cheap and provides real-time support.

There is no waiting time to speak with a representative and customers can receive a solution or answer immediately. Chat support also creates trust as customers feel they are important and will receive help immediately.

This method also gives chat agents the ability to ask questions and receive all the information they need to provide an accurate answer. Like email support, it’s also easily recorded and doesn’t require native speakers. Finally, chat support allows agents to handle more than one customer at a time.

Phone Support

Finally, phone support has been around longer than the other methods and is still the most trusted form of customer support for customers who aren’t comfortable communicating electronically.

Phone support offers real-time help and also fosters trust while allowing the agent to receive all of the information they need. Phone support is the most secure method of communication and doesn’t require an Internet connection. A friendly agent on the other end of the line may also help to calm angry or irritated customers.

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