Selling Gold Jewelry with Diamonds or Stones

Gold prices have been high for the last three years due to a down economy. With gold at such a premium, now is an excellent time to sell gold jewelry lying around your house.

Old wedding rings and out-dated jewelry from a grandmother or even the 1970’s or 80’s can be very valuable and get you quite a bit of money when you choose the right gold and diamond buyers. There are, however, some tips you need to keep in mind if you’re selling jewelry in miami that has stones or diamonds.

Most South Florida estate buyers who buy gold will not be interested in the stones, and will not offer you any money for them. If you want to keep the stones, it’s best to remove them yourself or have the jeweler take them out before you sell gold. This way, you can reset them in a new piece of jewelry or sell them individually to someone else who specializes in gems.

If you’re interested in selling loose diamonds, you can also find many diamond buyers in palm beach who will look at the cut, clarity and carat to give you an accurate value.

While it may seem silly to take the stones out of your jewelry before you sell it, remember that gold buyers are only paying you for the gold content in your jewelry. Most jewelry sold to a jeweler, pawn broker or gold buyer in coral gables will be melted down to turn into something more attractive and in style.

Finally, remember that the gold purity of your items plays an important part when selling gold jewelry. Gold content is indicated on most items by a karat stamp. 24 karat, usually stamped 24k, is the most valuable because it is pure, solid gold.

18k is the next most valuable, and may be stamped 18/24 as well. 14k and 12k gold can also give you quite a bit of money when selling gold jewelry if the item is heavy. Once you know the purity of your gold, you can weigh it yourself and check daily gold prices to get an idea of the value of your gold jewelry.

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