Spotting a Fake Rolex

The Rolex is perhaps the most well known and popular luxury mens watches on the market today. Unfortunately, this also makes it the most counterfeited watch of all.

Rolex copies are also becoming more realistic every day, making it necessary to buy only from trustworthy vendors who sell only genuine watches. You can also use the following methods to spot a counterfeit watch before or after your purchase.

In the past it was easy to spot a fake Rolex by the way the second hand moved around the dial. Now, counterfeiters use a mechanical movement that allows the second hand to glide like a genuine Rolex. Still, if you notice the second hand ticks each second you’ll know it uses quartz movement. Very few Rolex models use this movement.

There are some other methods you can use to spot a fake when you’re buying used Rolex watches. To be sure, take your watch to a watchmaker, who will examine the watch and look for the engraved registered design number.

You can also do this yourself by removing the watch band and checking between the lugs at the 12 position. Look for the engraved number, and then check for a serial number between the lugs at the 6 position.

A real Rolex will also have a very small engraved crown at 6 o’clock. While fakes usually have a crown as well, it should be so small it’s hard to see with the naked eye and it should never be visible while it’s on your wrist.

If your watch is gold, look for signs of wear on the back. Fake watches often show wear on the back where the gold coloring is wearing off to reveal a cheap base metal. The clasp of the Rolex band should also feature an engraved Rolex emblem.

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