Dermawand. Does it work?

I have been using a Dermawand for over 10 years and bought one for my daughter when she hit her 20s to help her skin routine. Until now, I’ve loved my Dermawand and it has traveled with me all over the world with no issues. It has been a trusted part of my beauty routine and I am truly bummed out that it seems that the product has been changed since I last purchased one. Other reviewers have stated that if your skin has already started to droop or if you already have deep groves that the Dermawand will not have much affect and to a large degree that is probably true – it’s not a miracle worker but it does a fantastic job of revitalizing your skin and helping your beauty serums to penetrate and do their job. I also feel that it has helped with keeping the skin on my face and neck even toned and has definitely helped with fine lines and blemishes. I’m in my mid-50s and I don’t have lines around my mouth and eyes and the deep furrow on my brow is almost unnoticeable. I ordered this wand to replace my current version and the frequency on high is so low that it is actually lower than my old Dermawand on low. I don’t know if this was just a defective unit or if the Dermawand has been changed but if this is the current status, I’ll be looking at another product to replace my old but trusted friend. For those of you who are new to Dermawand, the frequency on high should provide enough stimulation for your skin to feel a noticeable tingle and on low it should be a gentle energy flow.

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