“Morbidly Obese” Vancouver Man Reverses Type 2 Diabetes & Drops 120 lbs Without Meds

A BC businessman, Tony Jackson, is one of the first to set out to independently get rid of  T2Diabetes entirely naturally — and succeed. One major side effect of his simple program was 120 lbs weight loss. Another, his Blood Pressure readings are consistently in the range 105/60 which is healthy. His fasting blood sugar numbers and A1c  would be excellent even for someone who had never been overweight or had Type 2 Diabetes.

In his book “3 Boxes Ticked – Diabetes Gone,” Jackson detailed his research, his program, his experience and the health and quality-of-life results.
A key element in his approach was that being hungry was a deal-breaker for him — constantly being hungry had caused every diet approach he’d tried over 30 years to fail — so he developed a strategy that created the excellent outcomes without ever going “urgently” hungry.

hemoglobin a1c

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