Designa Review From Beta User-Graphic Creation Made Simple

Product : Designa

Creator : Ifiok Nk (also the creator of Uduala) and Dr Ope Banwoo

Price : $27 per month or $67 for lifetime access.

Do I Recommend : Yes,it’s an OK product that you can buy and benefit. However,upsells of this product is somewhat expensive for some people. I highly recommended this product because it has some unique selling points comparing with other graphic designers.

Most small business owners can’t afford to outsource their graphics.  As a result, they generally use crappy stock eCovers or Box Art. Or worse, they produce rubbish and after that,no positive bussiness results. 
When you run ads,post on social media or create a landing page,a good looking design will increase a lot conversion. Personally,some products are not good but i have ever tried to buy them after looking their design. So,sooner or later,you need to produce high quality graphics for bussiness.
But outsourcing is not good for everyone,it’s better for us to do it ourself. Today,i will introduce you a useful graphic creation software,Designa. I have reviewed a lot graphic design products but Designa has unique features that’s completely diffenrent from the rest. Let’s checkout my Designa review so that you understand the usage.
Notes : i got review access for Designa through Ifiok so that i understand what i’m talking about.


What is Designa?


At first,Designa is a graphic creation apps that you can create facebook ads, social media covers, post, ecovers, business cards, mockups, pdf books, and many more in Just Minutes. It provides with 3000+ ready-made design templates and over 3 million stock images, fonts and other graphic assets.

Who is Designa For?


  • Of course,people who want to quickly create a high quality design
  • Social Media marketer (like facebook advertiser and viral marketer)
  • Those who are finding an alternative for Canva
  • People who are selling custom design T-Shirt on Shopify or Teespring,etc
  • Email list builder or FB Messenger Marketer who want to provide good looking PDF Ebook
  • Product launcher,Seller,Affiliate Marketer who want to boost conversion for their landing pages,salespage,etc
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of Designa


Now,i will show you exactly how Designa works.


This is the member’s area once you login.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-20-at-11.01.36-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-20-at-11.01.41-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-20-at-11.01.45-PM.png
There are up to 6 graphic creation types as you can see here. Now,i will go details all of them.

a.Launch Graphic Designer

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.31.49-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.32.22-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.35.12-AM.png
This is the first feature of Designa and at first glance,it has similar usage to comptetitor like PixelModo. But the main diffenrent is that it has more templates.
They claim to provide you over 3,000 templates on F/E account. Let’s see is it real or not. Don’t pay $67 just to create graphics from scratch,we need pre-done templates ready to go.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.44.10-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.44.25-AM.png
I think it’s real,they can provide us high converting templates working in various niches as you can see from here.

a.Example 1

For instance,i pick this template.
You can drag and drop them so as to make sure it has what you are looking for.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.50.02-AM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.52.45-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.53.06-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.53.35-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.53.42-AM.png
They are customized to be pixel perfect,that’s nice for Facebook Ads.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.58.16-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.59.02-AM.png
Besides,it also has direct integration with memes quotes and stock graphics,so it’s much easier for you to go viral.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.04.27-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.04.33-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.04.45-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.04.52-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.05.49-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.06.54-AM.png
You can search them based on keywords and then,a list of viral memes,quotes appears. Besides,you can edit,resize images for whatever you want to use.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.08.40-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.12.03-AM.png
You can export image and save it.
Here’s the result after that.

b.Example 2

There’s a lot thing to say about Designa so that i just provide 2 examples for the first features. Besides ease of use,templates are the most unique selling points. According to the salespage,you can create T-Shirt to sell very fast.
There are many T-Shirt templates here that you can design and then sell them.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.19.19-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.19.34-AM.png
Here’s it is.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.21.55-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.22.12-AM.png
You have over 3 million stocks images ready to use when using Designa.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.24.29-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.24.54-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.25.02-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.25.15-AM.png
There are many graphics you can benefit at various category.

2.Launch Viral Quote Machine

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.27.23-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.28.11-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.28.20-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.28.50-AM.png
The usage is almost the same with the first feature. You only need to edit,customize,drag and drop. With Designa,what you see is what you get.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.30.01-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.33.00-AM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-9.33.41-AM.png
Of course,you can also add your prefered graphics into Designa. When using this feature,you need to enter details,text and link so they will be posted to social accounts.
They are automatically generated so that you don’t have to edit text.

3.Mockup Generator

This is another unique selling points of Designa because not many graphic design software can auto generate mockup.
There’s a lot mockup templates as you can see here.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.22.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.22.11-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.22.18-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.22.25-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.22.34-PM.png
As you can see from here,these templates are all pre-defined for a specific pixel.
Here’s an example from me. So,before generating mockup,make sure you have a suitable images.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.25.35-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-12.25.44-PM.png
Here’s the exact graphics in reality. Clearly,it’s a 1 click generator.
This is another example.
Look impressive,right,actually,this mockup is mostly for screenshot image,not a box graphic like i am doing 🙂

4.Launch Book Designer

This is the most unique feature of Designa,which allows you to design your ebook. As you know,a text PDF is boring so that we need to design to make it look attractive.
At here,you only need to pick templates and then edit body text or image into your ebook.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.35-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.40-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.44-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-7.57.52-PM.png
After that,you can either edit your ebook page or add additional page.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.01.19-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.02.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.02.54-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.03.07-PM.png
Next,edit information for your PDF page.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.06.08-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.06.58-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.07.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.07.27-PM.png
Do this again and again until you finish. The only next thing to do is to click on Download Button,then Designa will automatically generate your PDF.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.10.13-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.10.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.10.35-PM.png
In fact,this software can host your PDF ebook.

5.Launch Scene Creator

Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.13.34-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.14.03-PM.png
This is another unique selling point of Designa,which allows you to create a scene. Clearly,it’s completely different from almost Design softwares.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.29.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.29.39-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.29.47-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.29.59-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.30.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.30.18-PM.png
Here’s an example scene i am creating.
Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.32.12-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.32.40-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-8.32.52-PM.png
You can add mockup like this and crop the image file,so that’s the result looking on Imac.

6.Launch Ecover Creator

This is the last features of Designa and in the future,they will include Launch Logo Creator as a free updates. I’m a beta user and this feature isn’t valid presently.
These are resources of DFY ecover templates that are ready to you to customize and download.
And that’s all you need to know before buying Designa. In fact,it’s worth the price of $67 you are paying.

Get This Design Software + My Bonus Instantly

Funnels of Designa

All products have upgrades and so does this one.  At present,Designa has 3 upgrades but 2 of them are recurring license. I know it’s an expensive funnel for some people but it’s still better than most affordable products,which are not usually delivering.

OTO 1 : Templates Club ($27/month)

With this upgrade,you get access new templates each month. This upgrade in my opinion is optinal and you absolutely don’t have to buy.
They can be some of the templates for each specific types i mention above.

OTO 2 : Viral Quote Machine ($27/month)

This upgrade includes DFY Templates and even DFY memes and it includes the software that automates posting content for you.

OTO 3 : Designa Whitelabel License ($197 or $297)

With this upgrade,you can create Designa account for customer or sell them as a service.
And that’s the entire funnel of this product. Somewhat expensive but worth investing. Unlike most Jvzoo’s products,this one can guarantee long term’s supports.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Designa through my link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonus. Of course,no cheap PLR bonuses as some scammers are doing.
(Details coming soon)
Get This Design Software + My Bonus Instantly

Pros of Designa

  • Easy to use Software
  • What you see is What You Get Editor
  • Million Stocks Images and Viral Memes,Quotes
  • Unique Features
  • Can auto Generate and Host PDF File
  • Support Multiple Graphic Format

Cons of Designa

  • Very expensive Upsell Funnel

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Designa is a great software that you can buy and benefit yourself. Graphic is highly important for online bussiness and it’s also one of the most important factors to boost conversions and sales. With this software,you access easy to customize Graphics and many templates + stock graphics and memes,they are all proven to get traffic and engagement. Of course,Designa is a yes from me,no hype here.

Get This Design Software + My Bonus Instantly

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