Spinner Ring Arm Slinkey Toy – Multi Color – Flow Rings Kinetic Spring Bracelet

Mesmerize everyone around you with this simple and amazing Spinner Ring Arm Slinkey Toy – Multi Color – Flow Rings Kinetic Spring Bracelet. It’s super fun to play rolls down your arm and from one arm to another with this kinetic amazing 3d sculpture metal arm spinner toy. This flow rings work on the principles of science, galactic globe vertical vortex flow rings. This is very fun for kids to learn about springs, physics, energy and more. This educational toy will show off your skills and talent as it magically and effortlessly rolls down your arm, or stick, or any object. Place the kinetic toy ring on your arm and rolls down from one arm to another arm and watch the flow rings come to life in a galactic vertical vortex and effortlessly roll down your arm.

You can also get some exercise too while playing with this interactive, tactile, fun, flow ring kinetic spring toy, energy bracelet, slinky flow rings flow toys that is. It can use in a home, or in the office desk stress toy, or whether you’re in a party, festival, fair or just hanging out with your friends to have fun, or just to fidget, relax and get relief from daily life stresses and anxieties. Let your kids have fun, excitement and play with it while exercising at the same time. The spinner flow ring kinetic toy, is another to fidget toys great educational toy for math and science students, for sensory kids, as a great toy for fidgeters reduce anxiety, helps in focusing and stay more focused by enhancing our focus, aid in adhd, add, autism, and helps in quitting bad habits and more.

Fascinate your audience and challenge your friends to play this game also you can play as a solo performer. The metal flow ring arm slinkey toy is easy to use. Challenge yourself to slide it down one arm and skilfully pass it on the other arm. This is portable compact size measures 5-inch diameter flat, almost 10 inches expanded includes a pouch for storage and travel. Pops open magically! It is easy to use, open, close and store. To expand from a closed position, just pull metal rings to open. To close hold between palms and gently rotate counterclockwise to flatten. Get your amazing kinetic spinner rings spinner ring arm slinkey toy in 3 Pcs random colors set flow rings now!

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