VidRankXpress Review From Customer-All in One Youtube Ranking Management

Product : VidRankXpress

Creator : Dr. Amit Pareek (also the creator of AffiliateNinjaPro,NinjaShoppe,Vidmozo and TopStorySites)

Price : $29,95 during launch and price will increase when launch ends.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes,great product worth buying

Presently,Youtube video is one of the most powerful traffic to expand reach and increase sales. Personally,thanks to Youtube video,i made a lot affiliate commissions and ecom sales.

The key to successful Youtube marketing campaign is to create a high quality (or value) video,then rank them on Youtube and Google. It’s true,if you get organic traffic from Youtube,you get a lot traffic and conversion rates.

But to rank your Youtube video on Google and Youtube,it’s not easy as you think. The most important factor to rank video are unique video,numbers of views combine browsers per session,on-page SEO and backlink.

In order to manage all of them,it costs you a lot time and energy if you want to have all. I think it can be better if you can manage them in 1 place.

So,today,i will introduce you an all in one Youtube management and analytics software,VidRankXpress. VidRankXpress doesn’t just save your time but also helps you increase whitehat SEO with syndication and on-page inbuilt.

Let’s checkout my VidRankXpress Review so that you understand how it works.

Notes : i got a review access from Dr Amit so that i understand how it works.


What is VidRankXpress?


VidRankXpress is a super simple, completely newbie friendly video ranking software that makes the herculean tasks of ranking on Google & YouTube a cakewalk.

VidRankXpress is a cloud-based software which is damn easy to operate, and you can see IMPROVED Rankings for your Videos from Day 1. With VidRankXpress,you can :

  1. It gets you the complete list of TOP Keywords and phrases which your competitors have used in for ranking top on Google & YouTube rankings.
  2. It even does GETS you the TOP videos for any niche keyword, with the top-ranked videos, their Titles, Description and Tags.
  3. With the in-built Content Spinner, you can craft in completely SEO friendly Titles, Descriptions and Tags.
  4. You can directly upload and rank you videos to YouTube and get Notification alerts for every view, like, and subscriber added to your list.
  5. Now, when your videos rank high by the 2 Top-Search Engine Giants you have real buyer traffic for your offers completely hands FREE.

Besides,you can syndicate your video automatically to 7 social networks and manage playlists.

Who is VidRankXpress For?

  • Of course,Youtube video marketer on the internet
  • You want to save time uploading managing Youtube Channel (like playlist,follow views,engagaments,etc)
  • If you are sick of blackhat SEO,spamming,duplicating
  • You don’t want to buy Youtube SEO’s competition research tool
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of VidRankXpress

Now,i will show you exactly how VidRankXpress works so that you understand what you are getting. This is the member’s dashboard once you login.


After creating an account with VidRankXpress,you will see this first. So,you can register your own custom subdomain for future usage.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-2.53.18-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-2.53.45-PM.png

After that,you are required to provide your Youtube API console. Instead of spending time researching how to integrate VidRankXpress,i will instruct you right here.


1.Integrate Youtube Channel and Social Media

It doesn’t have one click authorization,VidRankXpress requires you to setup developer app and then provide API key. If you don’t know how to use,please read my instruction on this post.

Step 1 : Visit

At here,pick API Credentials.


Now,click Create Credentials in order to create an API key.


Remember to click this option.



Click on Web Application and then paste your redirect URL in the member’s area. About name,it doesn’t matter.

After that,you get the client ID and client Secrets,then paste them again to VidRankXpress.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.04.52-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.05.43-PM.png


Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.08.20-PM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.08.54-PM.png

As a result,you can now manage your Youtube channel’s account right inside VidRankXpress. On the front end account,you can create multiple subdomain,hence multiple Youtube channel.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.20.12-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.21.00-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.23.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.23.26-PM.png

a.Integrate Social Media

With this feature,you can automatically syndicate your Youtube video to 7 social networks. This will provide you more backlinks for video and you can’t add body text for them,hence no duplicating and spamming.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.16.45-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.16.49-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.16.54-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.16.58-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.17.02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.17.06-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.17.10-PM.png

However,VidRankXpress requires developer app setup. It’s not complex as you think,see how i do that. With Facebook,just create your app,then enter information like i do.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.19.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.19.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.20.24-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.20.38-PM.png

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.25.27-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.33.17-PM.png

With Twitter,the process has some bit different,after that,VidRankXpress will ask you to authorize.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.36.56-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.37.04-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.37.23-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.37.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.37.46-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.39.31-PM.png

Here’s how to do with the rest.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.46.39-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.47.01-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.48.25-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.48.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.52.10-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.52.33-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.52.47-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.52.55-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.54.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.54.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.55.02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-3.55.15-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.00.00-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.00.15-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.00.27-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.00.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.00.41-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.04.45-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.05.05-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.06.08-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.06.26-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.06.50-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.07.06-PM.png

After that,you can enable auto sharing to social networks. Hence,more signals and syndication for you,better SEO results.

Again,you don’t add any body text for each social sharing so that no risk of spamming,blackhat and duplicating.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.14.04-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.14.14-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.15.07-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.15.16-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.15.22-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-4.15.32-PM.png

2.Manage Playlist

As you should know,Youtube loves playlist and they mostly rank playlists. The main idea is to rank your playlist,not your video and then put your video at first of the playlist.

Personally,thanks to this technique,i got a lot view and engagament for my Youtube video. In fact,when people see a playlist,they just watch the first video and Youtube normally rank playlist.

But manually searching every single keywords,go to your channel dashboard and put them into playlist is a time consuming process. So,i think it could be better if you manage them all in one.

And VidRankXpress allows you to manage your playlist.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.14.57-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.15.14-PM.png

And after that,playlist is created immediately.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.15.35-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.16.04-PM.png

Now,just go to VidRankXpress’s video tab and put your desired video into playlists.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.17.42-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.19.42-PM.png

3.Video Stats and Analytics

This is the most important factor to rank your Youtube video on Google and Youtube. But youtube video only shows you the amount of views and dislikes,it doesn’t show you engagament rate. With VidRankXpress,you can easily follow all of them.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.24.49-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.25.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.25.42-PM.png

It can track your video stats and subscribers you have through this video.

Notes : i only starts doing this process after you integrating Youtube channel.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.28.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.28.14-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.28.32-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.28.45-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.28.52-PM.png

Besides,you can edit your video detailed without logging into your Youtube channel like description,tags and titles.


That’s a big saving of time and energy.

4.Create Video Ranking Campaign

This is the core value of VidRankXpress,which allows you to save time uploading video,optimize on-page SEO and more,..

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.36.03-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.36.38-PM.png

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.38.16-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.39.03-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.39.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.39.35-PM.png

You can view the video that has already been ranked and their descriptions,tags.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.42.17-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.42.25-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.43.04-PM.png

You can click append on their video and click exact tags so that you will get their content. Then you can spin them to make a unique content.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.42.17-PM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.42.25-PM-1.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.43.04-PM-1.png

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.48.11-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.48.18-PM.png

Here’s the SEO on-site score,look at this picture,it’s not a good SEO score and need to be improved.


At here,pick an existing playlists or create new one.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.54.38-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-9.54.44-PM.png

As you can see from here,you can either schedule for future upload or upload now. Remember to prepare your MP4 video first.


Now,you need to wait until it finishes uploading. Of course,the bigger size,the slower time to upload.

5.Social Sharing Campaign

This allows VidRankXpress to automatically share the video on your channel to social networks you connect.


Now,let’s create a social sharing campaign.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.37.13-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.37.25-PM.png

Pick your video first and then click Next.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.39.39-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.47.53-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.47.58-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.48.03-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.48.11-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.48.24-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.48.42-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-10.48.56-PM.png

Right,here,simply add your social accounts integrated with VidRankXpress. Once again,you don’t add any body text so that no risk of spamming,blackhats and duplicating while you syndicate your Youtube video.

And that’s all you need to know before buying,in fact,it’s well worth the single time purchase of just $29,95 during launch. When launch ends,price can be $39,95 or $49,95,i will get new words from him.

Funnels of VidRankXpress

Presently,VidRankXpress has 4 upgrades and buying or not,decision is up to you. I’m not trying to encourage to buy upgrade,they are actually a way to get more social accounts integrations and additional features.

Upsells 3 Reseller License is like affiliate with 100% commissions. Premium membership is like agency license,which allows you to create account for client and sell it as a service.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.36.54-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.09-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.20-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.29-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.36-PM.png Screen-Shot-2018-06-29-at-11.37.51-PM.png

Pros of VidRankXpress




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